IRS Debt Relief Services


Installment Agreements

If requested, we will review your facts to determine if and which installment agreement (e.g., Guaranteed, Non-Disclosure,  Streamlined, Partial Payment, etc.) best suits your needs.  

Offer In Compromise

You may request that we prepare an Offer In Compromise for you. An offer in compromise is a taxpayer’s offer to the IRS to compromise and settle a delinquent tax liability. The amount the IRS is willing to accept in settlement of a taxpayer's debt depends on many factors (e.g., the taxpayer’s economic ability to pay the debt, the accuracy of the tax debt, the realizable collection potential, economic hardship and other unfair and inequitable issues, etc.). 



You may request that we prepare a bankruptcy tax relief analysis under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. This can be an excellent way to erase your tax liability entirely, or substantially reduce it. You may also benefit by using a combination of the two, by both reducing the amount owed and paying the remaining balance under a bankruptcy payment plan.

IRS Administrative Appeal


You may request that we represent you in appealing any IRS audit results. The new Independent Office of Appeals now allows all taxpayers the right to an independent administrative appeal (previously the IRS had the ability to deny this forum to any taxpayer). This new Independent Office of Appeals also requires that IRS case files must now be made available to the taxpayer no later than 10 days before an appeals conference. 

Judicial Review

You may request that we review with you any options available in appealing the IRS tax liability through the federal court system. 

Other Services Offered

Other services that you may request include: a determination if a new IRS audit should be requested, if your penalty abatement should be challenged, if a taxpayer assistance order or request for collection due process program should be prepared. You may request that we determine if your IRS tax was properly assessed, or if innocent spouse relief or injunctive relief is available, or if you qualify for relief from any federal tax liens, or if a martial transmutation agreement should be prepared. You may request that we review your tax debt to determine if it is unenforceable due to the expiration of the statute of limitations for collection.. There are many more tax debt defenses services that we offer that will help minimize your tax debt..