IRS Seizures

Let us remind you once again to never ignore, forget, or neglect IRS notification especially if they are related to property seizures. This is the hardest straw drawn if you reach this stage. But acting quickly after receiving a seizure notification will help you protect you and your family from losing your home. You must contact IRS Debt Help today so we may help you ascertain your position and bring forth to you the many things you should be aware of before taking any action.

Since the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) helps prevent fraudulent and illegal seizure by the IRS, it also reports that more than 20% of all IRS property seizures were conducted wrongfully and were non-compliant with the legal standards of the IRS tax codes. We will work with you to encourage you to challenge any IRS levy, lien, or seizure notification to confirm IRS is acting efficiently and according to tax laws. Contact 844-332-DEBT today to schedule a free client case study and assessment and help us negotiate with the IRS on your behalf.