Payroll Tax Problems

Payroll Taxes

If you have a successful business or company and have employees, you would know that payroll taxes are important. These are state and federal taxes as well as social security and Medicare taxes that you, as an employer, are required to withhold and/or pay on behalf of your employees.

Any indication that may trigger the IRS to prompt an investigation into your business records with payroll tax problems will result in serious consequences if you do not act quickly and swiftly. You must consult a payroll tax professional such as IRS Debt Help for immediate course of action.

Failure to Pay Payroll Taxes

Payroll tax laws are very strict and avoiding paying these taxes is considered a federal crime. Failing to pay these taxes will require the IRS to impose very expensive interest fees and penalties and will even risk losing your business. It is, therefore, the business owner’s responsibility to collect the employee portion of the Federal Insurance Contributions Act taxes and pass them on to the IRS.


If you know you have payroll tax problems, it is important that an immediate course of action is planned and implemented with a professional to help protect your business from possible IRS seizure. If you wish to resolve your payroll taxes and avoid any penalties, call 844-332-DEBT as soon as possible. IRS Debt Help professionals have extensive training and experience with IRS tactics and will take advantage of that knowledge to help you gain financial freedom. Contact IRS Debt Help today to schedule a free client case study and assessment to discuss your specific needs.