Non-Filed Tax Returns

Avoid Serious Penalties

One way or another, we all know IRS will eventually catch up with you. Being equipped with sophisticated equipment at their computer center, the IRS does not tread lightly on criminal offenses. Yes, not filing tax returns is a criminal offense and you could be prosecuted and punished with possible jail time.

If you believe you have missed filing some of your tax returns and want to avoid risking possible jail time and unnecessary penalties, call 844-332-DEBT as soon as possible.

Avoid of loss of assets

Your hard-earned money should be for you and your family and not for the IRS. It is, therefore, important to maintain in compliance with the law and avoid further problems with the IRS in coming forward and voluntarily filing for delinquent tax returns. If you continue to remain non-compliant with the law, the IRS will take it upon itself to file the return for you with few or no deductions entitled to you and in the best interest of the government – not yours. Call 844-332-DEBT as soon as possible so we can assess your immediate needs and avoid any loss of assets.

Course of Action

When you seek the services of IRS Debt Help, we shall immediately assess your situation and make sure that, first and foremost, all your delinquent tax returns are filed. Once your records are current with the IRS, we will address any taxes, interests, or penalties owed and devise the best course of action with a strategic payment plan to help relieve you from the financial hardship you are in. Contact IRS Debt Help today to schedule a free client case study and assessment to discuss your specific needs