Innocent Spouse Relief


The Innocent Spouse Relief was designed to relieve you from the unjust responsibility of paying tax, interest, and penalties if your spouse (or former spouse) improperly reported items or omitted items on your tax return. If you suffer from any financial setback as a result of having to pay for your spouse’s or ex-spouse’s errors, then this will definitely help clarify the fact that you are a victim of financial fraud committed by the other spouse or ex-spouse.

Relief may be provided, once eligibility is established and certain condition met, for the following past erroneous items reported:

  • Unreported income
  • Federal or state taxes
  • Spousal support
  • Child support or alimony
  • Other debts

According to IRS Code, Section 6015(f), Innocent Spouse Relief, which the IRS significantly modified in 2012, you are also entitled to equitable relief of liability of taxes that were not paid when you filed joint tax returns. However, this must be filed within two years after the first time IRS tried to collect taxes. Conditions must be met to qualify for this relief and, therefore, very important that you call 844-332-DEBT for professional assistance.


In order to establish eligibility and qualify for innocent spouse relief, all of these conditions must be met:

  • You filed a joint return
  • There is an understated tax on the return that is due to erroneous items
  • You can prove that when you signed the joint return, you did not know and had no reason to know, that the understated tax existed

If you did suffer financial hardship due to spouse’s or ex-spouse’s fraudulent reporting, be aware that there is relief and all you have to do is contact IRS Debt Help today to schedule a free client case study and assessment to discuss your specific needs. We will find means to factor in various options to fully take advantage of this relief and help you recover from your setbacks.