Temporarily Delay Collection

Our well-qualified professionals have the knowledge and means to seek options that are best suitable for the financial tax burden you are in.

Seeking a qualified option that would not cause you more financial damage, we can seek support from a program where the IRS will voluntarily agree not to collect on the tax debt for a year or so. If you cannot pay any amount owed to the IRS because such payments would prevent you from meeting your and your family’s basic living expenses, we will assist you in requesting that collection is delayed until you are able to pay.

This program, referred to as Currently Not Collectible, means that you have no ability to pay your tax debts for now and IRS will then declare your debt as “currently not collectible”. This will happen only after IRS receives all evidence that you have no financial ability to pay. Our commitment to help you through this phase will be critical as we will support you in identifying, compiling, and submitting all tax records as proof to the IRS for their review and consideration.

With this important tool in our hands, we will help you file for a collection appeal to cease an IRS lien, levy, seizure or denial of payment plan. The collection appeal process will give us the opportunity, on your behalf, to prepare and ‘defend’ how your financial situation can be solved without any IRS levy or seizure. Contact IRS Debt Help today to schedule a free client case study and assessment and help us help you cover your back with the IRS.