Back Taxes Owed


If you remain delinquent in filing past tax returns, you may also owe money to the IRS, which IRS records as outstanding debt. The longer you take to pay these taxes owed, the more hardship you may suffer. Considering life’s unexpected problems that you and your family might face, you may find yourself owing huge outstanding tax debts.

Tax Liens

If you find yourself owing back taxes over a span of several years, you should know that the penalties and interest fees add up pretty fast and will continue accruing as long as the debts remain unresolved.

More on the serious side, leaving these tax debts unpaid or ignoring any warnings/notifications from the IRS could result in devastating outcome that could include the IRS issuing an IRS lien to place a claim on all your financial assets including your home.

Avoid Liens

You deserve a clean start. When you contact IRS Debt Help for services, we will make sure we immediately go through several options, depending on your situation, that are available to you. We will determine the eligibility for several possible tax relief programs such as an IRS payment plan or Innocent Spouse Relief. Assessing the sensitivity of your situation, we are determined to find the best solution that will allow you with the least financial damage. Contact 844-332-DEBT today to schedule a free client case study and assessment to discuss your specific needs.