Dealing with IRS debt can be devastating, especially when it’s so overwhelming that you can’t imagine how you’ll ever pay it. Not only is it frightening, but it’s embarrassing. You don’t want anyone to know the IRS is after you for money owed, so the only choice you have is to hide.

We want to help you come out of hiding to get your financial situation back in control. IRS Debt Help is experienced in helping people just like you get tax relief for thousands upon thousands of dollars. These people felt the same shame, fear, and anxiety you have right now. The thought of losing the lifestyle you’ve become so accustomed to can be too much to bear, but instead of going into denial, let’s work together to get the situation resolved.

People with IRS Debt Help come to us every day. In just a few minutes, we show them how possible it is to get the tax relief needed to get back on track with their finances.

We have Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) available for you. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call us. We will review your tax liabilities and help you with your delinquencies.


Since we have former IRS Revenue Agents working in our firm, we know precisely how the government works. IRS Debt Help has studied the ins and outs of the tax system, so we know what to look for and what to do to save you money. By saving you money, your liabilities won’t be so great.

Once we handle your delinquencies, we’ll continue to help you with your taxes each year. We will always be right by your side when it comes to your taxes. With personalized service, you will feel as though you have your own personal IRS agent giving you advice and guidance while you navigate the complicating tax system.

With over two decades of experience, you can be rest assured you’re getting someone with the knowledge and skills to protect your assets and properties. We know you’ve worked hard for them, so we will do everything in our power to keep you from losing them.

No two situations are the same. We provide individualized service because that’s what you deserve. When we sit down to work with you, we are only working with you. We dig deep into your finances to help you fully. This is the only way we know you’ll get what you need from IRS Debt Help.

Finances can wreak havoc on your health and well-being. It can cause tension between spouses and disrupt the happiness of families. Don’t allow the burden of tax debt overcome you. Call us today for more information on how we can seek tax relief for you.

What You Should Know About Certified Public Accountants (CPAs)

Did you know that not all accountants are CPAs? CPAs have a higher level of skill, knowledge and experience in the field. They have received the necessary education and experience, and have successfully completed the requirements set forth by The American Institute of CPAs.

This is what sets IRS Debt Help apart from competitors. When you choose us, you receive help from people who truly know how to help you with situations like:

• Back taxes owed • Filing late tax returns • Non-filed tax returns • Payroll tax problems • Innocent spouse relief • IRS levies • Liens • Wage garnishments

Once your financial crisis is resolved, we can move forward together to ensure you will always come out ahead with your taxes. You will always have to pay taxes, but many people pay more than they are obligated. We can ensure that you only pay what you need to, and not end up in a financial quicksand with tax planning and tax preparation.

We’re Ready When You’re Ready

When you’re ready to deal with your tax liabilities, give us a call. Our competent team of professional CPAs are here waiting for you. They provide the best in customer service by treating you like you’re our only customer.

When anxiety is high, our comfort is high. We will give you the advice, guidance, and support you need at this time. Before you know it, you’ll be smiling and feeling much better about your financial situation, so you can get back to a life that you’ve been living before the IRS came crashing down on you.

Don’t allow shame and embarrassment keep you from doing the right thing. Reach out for help, and you will receive it from IRS Debt Help.

IRS Debt Help

What You Should Know About Certified Public Accountants (CPAs)

Our clients faced the same turmoil you are dealing with right now. We helped them get back on their feet, so they can confidently live life free from the grip of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Our Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are available right now to help you with your IRS debt. Just give us a call.


Tax Planing

The best way to avoid financial troubles with the IRS is to plan for tax liabilities. Since it can be complicating, we are here to help you. As a former IRS revenue agent and founder of IRS Debt Help, I can ensure you only pay as much as you are obligated.

Our team of CPAs can also help you with any tax delinquencies. Once those are resolved, we can continue to assist with proper tax preparation every single year. Call us today for more information.